Terry Kennedy for Supra

image via Supra.
Terry Kennedy has designed a new range of hi tops for Supra, thx for the tip @Lifelounge.
I am not sure how I feel about them yet, admittedly very curious. I am always looking out for minimal sneakers, they look pretty good but I don't think I can skate in them.
And if I were just to wear them, is it a bit whack that they were designed by a skate co. mmmm what do you think?
Curious to see what they are like in real life as well.
If you live in Sydney, you can probably find them at 99 Degrees. @203 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010.


Really Liking Macroy UK

Just scanning through the feeds as usual but these set of posters really caught my eye and....
I just stumbled upon the body of work by Macroy, they got some super neat stuff on the folio.

Check it out at


An Arctic series

Photo by Gautier Deblonde from the Arctic series.
I am really liking the work of Gautier Deblonde.
His series on the Arctic is pretty amazing and his portraiture work is also really good.
Definitely worth a look if you are into beautiful photos.

Wanna get published ?

The good folk @Semi Permanent have started the call out for submissions for their 2nd 2009 book.
more Good stuff on the SP Site....so check it out!


Woah Genius!

shrine' shoe rack by fernando a robert
image © designboom
I don't think words would really do this idea justice.
All sneaker freakers might just get a bit warm looking at this....
via. design boom


Curious by shadows

Lately I have really liked hard shadows in photos.
This set by Russ and Reyn is really interesting, the interaction with the shadow is really nice.
Check out the Russ and Reyn, they definitely have some animated shots in their bag!


Beautiful documentary

I just stumbled across a beautiful bindarri series by Rodney Dekker.
You can also find an interview he had done here.



Snobscrilla was back in town briefly and I caught up with him very briefly
Here are some photos we have been talking about doing for a while.


The New era of POP.

Artwork by Scott King (2009)
It all starts with a manifesto.
What will POP be like without Katie Grand's direction? It will certainly be interesting to see and I am hopeful that it will continue to be an amazing publication for interesting people to work on and consume.
I love magazines... I think it is important to have good ones, not because they are glossy but it really feeds into your own ideas too, it is like making friends with words by people who somehow interest you.
More Info on the POP! HERE.


Alber intrigues me...

I am not that knowledgeable with womenswear but I really enjoy Alber Elbaz's work with Lanvin.
Especially after reading this interview by Ariel Levy.
He sounds lovely.


Hanging with Sophy

I hung out with Sophy on Thursday.
It was so windy and we were both having chronic sniffles.


Awkward seems to pop up everywhere these days

Photography by Louis Park for Hint Magazine.
I don't know what it is but there is something really endearing about the styling of this shot.
Also if you are bored and want to procrastinate these 2 sites are pretty amazing distractions ha ha

**AwkwardFamilyPhoto and Awkward Boners.

Alison Wonderland

This is Alex aka Alison Wonderland.
We go way back from Beau Monde days.

She now DJs too. I did these last weekend... it was short and sweet.

It took about 20 mins all up I think.


Discoveries are goooood

I just came across this duo BrotherSister comprised of siblings Dante and Xavia Nou.
They describe their music as indie, down-tempo and experimental.
The art direction for the "still run" video is out of this world.
Production was by Shilo.

Still Run from DANTE NOU on Vimeo.



It is so lovely to have nice friends who will party with you.
Photo'd Eddie, Candice, Bel and Tia @ GayBash
You can see all the photos from my camera in the SCAT party album.

x Enjoy


Forever the Motion shoot

My friend Robyn is going to perform this Sunday at the Black and Blue Gallery
I got the pleasure to shoot some portraits with her for the show titled "Forever the Motion"
You can get tickets @
View of courage shop.


MC Gaff E

I did a shoot with MC Gaff E a few weekends ago now.
She is a colourful performer and a super funny girl.... her wardrobe is out of control
Reminds me of a costume store and it sort of is...she has accumulated so many stage outfits over her travelling days.
The shoot was a of FUN.


Are you ready to Party?

Yes I am!
Another installment of Gaybash is happening this Saturday @ Gilligans.

Doors open @ 9pm. Only $10 to get your grooove on for another amazing night.
Prepared to sleep all day Sunday and don't wear white to this SCAT themed night.

You might get a stain or 2.... just a word of warning.
See you there! mmmm did someone say Chocolate fountain?

Outrageous Bargains - this weekend only

No this is not an infomercial.
Paul Bui editor from Oyster mag is re-engineering his wardrobe.

All of his pre-loved items must go to make room for his adventures to NY later this year and of course, every dollar you contribute will help with his travels and discovering the many hidden treasures NYC has to offer.

For people we are not going to NY but loves Oyster then you are in LUCK! The labels on offer is going to be amazing....think Dior homme, Rick Owens, Bernhard Wilhelm, Chronicles of never.. that is just what is on my mind from what he told me last week. Don't fool yourself by coming late, facebook is already all over this shit so get to the Fringe Bar Markets (Paddington Sydney- google it if you need) early - doors open 930am 9th May 2009.

I will wrestle you for that looooong lush knit later!



What do you do to keep warm in Winter?
I layer the hell up, live in Knits and wear boots pretty much every day.
This is Nina!
She likes lush clothes that reminds her of animal patterns....mmm warm and fuzzy.


Sam & Co's euro adventures

Odette by Sam Hendel
Sam Hendel is a photographer and digital operator.
I met him just before he moved over to Europe
He is a rad dude and takes nice photos.

Check out his blog Digital Eurotrash for some euro fun.


Goodbye for now

The Lost Valentinos @the Annandale Hotel 1st May 2009
I spent last Friday doing a small photo project @vault studios.
Then I cruised to check out
the benah exhibition at China heights.
Ben Briand did a really beautiful series of photos and a short film for the label, I liked the vibe a lot.... I think it was shot at the old heights building but it looks like new york. Next stop was Black and Blue I wanted to see Thomas Jeppe's new works, it was pretty amazing, so simple but so good.
Last stop of the night was at the annandale to see the last Lost Valentinos's last Serio show in Aus before they jet off to Euroland for a few weeks touring all over... It was a brilliant show and the crowd was feeling it which was fresh.

Tennis did a really support set as well and they gave their fans a set DEMO, they are sounding better every time I see them which is really exciting.



I love rage when I can't sleep straight away. *I had an apple pie before I crashed out in front of my TV.
Rage is just amazing, old and new music videos played back to back - is bound to be striking some A M A Z I N G nerve somewhere.....Most of time I either watch something obscure or a clip that strikes me as a bit nostalgic...the rarest of all (probably because I can't stay up long enough) is finding a new foreign band that is good.

Last night I came across New Pants from Beijing, I was immediately intrigued by the styling of the clip, it is different to their Myspace photos and youtube videos but the music is still very catchy.

I have been a little bit obsessed with the whole indie alternative scene from China lately. Dazed UK did a feature on a few artists from various disciplines around China and it was really inspiring and good to see that China is not just big for nothing and it is definitely becoming more than a lower cost production hub for the world economy.

Oh I really like this track too!


Mark Holthusen

WOW this is so surreal and strange but amazing.
The style of the shots reminds me of Planet of the apes meets Hollywood action flicks.
More info @
via. design scene