Drop the Lime

I was just browsing for some videos and came across this oldie but it is a goodie.
O I miss the Jimmy Sing's record stand (RIP)
You can watch the interview with Curses via Pedestrian.
For a heavy bass party vibe go visit -
Drop the lime @myspace or
A more soulful production check out Curses @myspace


Simply black

I did not take this photo.
I do adore.the styling and art direction of the shot so I wanted to keep a copy of it.
via spiralmag.



A nice little film by Matt Sundin.
via. NYmodel blog


Who Can Say

I am intrigued by the visual/musical direction the Horrors has taken with their new track "who can say".
They have seriously made me like shoegaze even more and I don't really care about how they dress as long as they continue to produce interesting beats.
via pedestrian.


Lover not the Label

This is Jessie and Trent.
They are lovers.


Marissa Z

This is Marissa. A cool lady and a lovely friend. She parties and sews a lot.
She is a 1/3 of an exciting Sydney clothing label FTW.
All Clothes by FTW.


Mark Borthwick x Dazed

Photo by Mark Borthwick via Fecal Face.

I have been working like a maniac lately.. it really feels like I am sleeping less everyday and my personal emails get neglected more frequently than ever.

It is a truly awesome surprise when you discover gems from newsletters that you subscribe to but usually never get to read properly. Today I discovered the interview of Mark Borthwick on Dazed Digital

His photos are not only beautiful but his approach to his work is really inspiring to me personally. I can share the sentiment of working with your friends and developing a relationship with them over time. His approach to photography really resonates with me as I feel like it should be a joyful and intimate experience...funny enough his comments about the idea of fashion is so spot on =). This Dazed interview is definitely an inspiring piece and it has certainly made my day a very bright one.


Tina Rules Japan and soon the world

I love Japan, it is a land of dreams and crazy fetishes. If you like something the chances are... you can probably find lots of it in Japan.
Tina has been commissioned to design a whole bunch of costumes for the Japanese feature "GOEMON". The film looks beautiful and it must be a designer's dream to do something of this scale. My friend Nic had told me about the project a while back but I had totally forgot to write about it. Anyway the film is due to hit the screens soon.

The film is based on the legend of a Robin Hood-like hero and was directed by Kazuaki Kiriya, who was responsible for 2004's popular "Casshern."

There is a piece about Tina's work on the film on Japanese Times.

BJB Fundraiser wants YOU!

My friends at Bethren just below have been working super hard on getting their studio space up and running. It is a bit of a creative haven to some of Sydney's brightest creative souls and the "LOOSE" black tie Fundraiser event is going to be huge all for a good cause to keep the space running smoothly. Please RSVP Friday 17th April!

There will be an auction for a boat load of wonderful prizes for your raffle sponsors incl. Ksubi, cream on crown, dorby den, Modular, EMI, Inertia, Trust Fun, Babekuhl, Tristan Blair and more.....

AND items for Auction goes something like....
* GRIFFIN THEATRE COMPANY - double pass to see "Distance from Here" by Neil La Bute.
* DARLINGHURST THEATRE CO. - 3 double passes valid for 6 months.
* ELKE KRAMER - Jewellery Pack.

* KEVINA-JO SMITH - knitted cloak.
* FAMILY (L.A. bookstore and gallery) - artist print by Will Sweeny & Sammy Harkham.
* WARFLOWER by Cara Stricker - headpiece. and more....

Raffle is at 7.00, auction at 7.30... all the info is below, with rsvp infomation.(Click above invite to enlarge)

All funds raised for the night is so for the BJB residents to finish renovating the new creative home. So your time and funds are totally for a good cause x


Cute love

This is Lissy Trullie
She is from NYC and reminds of edie sedgwick

More importantly she can sing really good.

If you like the sound of her already
you can read her interview with
Dazed here.
found via Dazed Music


The Kills

I was In love for 40 minutes or so...
it definitely didn't feel like 40 minutes though.

It has been like 2 weeks since I went to see the Kills @ the Forum
I was super excited to be able to take some photos while I was there.
The show was really good and a few of my friends who have seen them in other parts of the world have told me.... they are amazing. I didn't want the HYPE to have killed the vibe for me so I thought I will just watch without too much expectation.

I hope the photos can give you a vibe of what the show was like... I think Allison Mosshart is a wildcat! I was in love for about 40 minutes or so....


Van She is pretty busy

Van She is a pretty fun band to watch and I have seen them quite a lot over the last few months Not just because of the mutual friend connections but they have been busy playing lots of shows.
I went to see them play a party last weekend. The larger shows always have some pretty lighting set up so if time is available, I usually like to go check it out.

I had to go to bed early that night, I had to get up super early on the following Sunday to do my friend Ritchie's look book... I am pretty stoked that the shots had turned out decently though so the adequate sleep definitely helps.

We had originally wanted to include this bin as part of the shoot but it just look too distracting to have it with the clothes. I still quite like that shot of the bin on its own though, there is something really peaceful about it. O I was also the only sober person on the set ha ha Ritchie and Simon (model) was so hung over and hating life. It was the first time I had worked on a lookbook with so much freedom =)
The mood of the shoot was pretty minimal, I just wanted to highlight the clothes in terms of the technical fabrics and the construction details. I didn't want it to make it too street, I had referenced some of the new/old supreme moods to make the photos come together and yes Simon was still a bit drunk.



My friend Dirk, the very talented guitarist from Lions at your door has been working on a side project.
I heard some of the demos and got really excited.

I offered to help him with some portraits to get the project rolling.

More updates coming soon!


Not really Street Art but it literally is...

A Tridimensional installation by Henrique Oliveira
I am really liking installation works lately especially after seeing Yayoi Kusama's show at the MCA a few weeks ago. It just adds a whole new level of presence when you absorb the art work on display.

Oliveira is a painter but he has always experimented with texture on his work by using a lot of mixed media.... one day he had noticed the way the wooden construction fence had detoriated over time from staring out from his studio window.

From that day onwards, he had began collecting discarded ply wood from the construction sites to produce his first installation piece, it had then evolved into the tridimensional series. It is visually amazing and intricately built. The title of the works come from the fusion of painting, architecture and sculpture. The pieces all vary in construction but
he sometimes uses PVC tubes to create gigantic protruding forms over which he layers thin sheets of wood while; other times, thousands of pieces of painted wood are arranged into gestural abstract “paintings” that spill off the wall into the viewer’s space.

You can see Olivera's TriDimensional show @Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas
between March 26th and May 9th, 2009.