Photo from DubelTak
I have officially got way too much feeds in my GoogleReader.
But I do love going through it when I can and find some amazing things.
I just came across this photo
It is awesome. It reminds me of a classical painting, especially the poses....it is just so good!


Cass Bird is Simply Beautiful

Photo by Cass Bird for Sophomore NYC Spring 2009
I love Cass Bird!
Her photos are really candid and approachable, kind of like Nan Goldin but without the R18+ rating.

Her photos for Sophomore NYC are always unique and it looks like a story rather than a fashion look book.
Well maybe more like an editorial, either way it certainly compliments the Sophomore look really well I think, it also helps that the clothes just look so casual and easy to wear which totally suits Cass' photography.


Financial doom made simple

Plain English x saavy graphic designer = an awesome explanation on the mumble jumble you may hear or read in the media re the financial doom and gloom. It often makes very little sense if you have no prior knowledge in Economics so videos such as this is brilliant and the illustration is pretty amazing.
Video by
Jonathan Jarvis

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


Lately I am inspired by Fur

All thanks to Kit and her amazing love for Cats
I am now inspired too!


I want to go back in Time

Or maybe Melbourne is just more accessible.Don't Come Gallery will be presenting a new show "MARIPOLARAMA" (18-25 March)
Maripol's polaroids
photographs vividly depict the extraordinary personalities that inhabited the "forever" hip, arty Manhattan clubland during the post-punk era when hip hop was in its earliest stages and graffiti covered the landscape. Whether it’s Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, Basquiat, or Madonna modeling a bright pink wig, Maripolarama provides lively and inspiring insight into a time long gone.

If you like Polaroids and old New York - don't miss the show!
Fore info about the gallery/store - http://www.dontcome.com.au/


Ms Fitz is now also a Blog!

Styling by msFitz.

Local creative maestro MsFitz and the fun loving photographer Elvis Di Fazio were both recently featured on Grazia. which is totally awesome because they are both good friends and on going collaborators. If you haven't seen their work before, keep an eye out... I am sure there will be plenty more for these 2 kids to produce. Now you can stay in touch with RSS feeds or just with the good ol' Fashion bookmarks, either way the web is social so keep it simple and just go with the flow.


About A Son is so brilliant

Kurt Cobain by Charles Peterson
I have been wanting to watch this film for as long as I can remember reading about it.... The Nirvana story is just one of those things that never really gets locked away, everyone knows about it but it just seems like a never ending tale. This is the first film I have seen that is not strongly focused on the visual representation of Kurt Cobain and his life being dissected by music experts. The interviews were conducted by music journalist Michael Azerrad the Author of "come as you are: the story of Nirvana".

The premise of the film is based on 25 hours of previously unheard audiotaped interviews with Cobain, the story of Cobain recounts his life from childhood to adolescence to his days of explosive fame, the interview sound bytes are complemented by a series of beautifully candid but ordinary looking photos to visually represent his story. The film gives you a vivid insight into the psyche of Cobain and a very intimate portrait of an unique individual that most journalists have never really had the chance to portray. All the music photography were shot by Charles Peterson, the legendary music photographer of the 90s. He captured the punk scene super intimately and his work is really inspiring to me.

This film is dynamite quality, it is really sad but it is a must see for any Nirvana fan!

Simple ideas just work better

April 77's new collection is lovely as always, very simple and clean.
The collection titled "
The Apollo Program Was A Hoax" was designed in this spirit - said the April77 team.
The Apollo Program Was A Hoax is a song title by the Swedish hardcore punk band Refused that draws its inspiration from the writer Bill Kaysing. Mr. Kaysing is best known for claiming that the six Apollo moon landings between July 1969 and December 1972 were hoaxes and therefore regarded as the instigator of the moon landing conspiracy movement.

The look book presentation was also very nature driven which I naturally love.... the clothes look really good too in the light they used which is probably the most important thing for the image of the label.


An Icon and Hero of mine

The Beatles, 1967

I love simplicity
Simple things makes me happy.

I tend to gravitate towards most things minimal but created with purpose/emotion.

That is what reminds me of Richard Avedon's photography.
He is like a God of sorts to me, he has led a wonderful life filled with amazing people and he has photographed some of the most memorable personalities history has ever got the pleasure to record and remember.

Lifelounge recently did a
sweet feature of Avedon's 60 years' of the Rich and Famous.
It is quite mindblowingly candid and beautiful.

Andy Warhol, Jay Johnson and Candy Darling 1969


New Ink time

I was talking to Seth my latest tattoo artist the other night about what music and films we have been digging lately.... and I told him about my plans to hang in NY during Sept, then we began to talk about Paul Booth and his amazing studio.

He is seriously an amazing artist and his work is definitely unique and wonderfully filled with a WOW! factor. His work is ultra exclusive and if time and price was not going to be an issue, I'd definitely loved to get something inked up by him. You can read a little bit about him via the New Yorker piece on Luxury Tattooing. It is a pretty nice piece, you get a sense of what he is like as an artist who has done some pretty amazing work over the years.


Tomorrow is beautiful...

Ladytron is one of my favourite bands.
Their photos are always unusually enchanting as far as bands go.
If you haven't seen their videos before.
I'd highly recommend it, it is a cinematic experience.
All the concepts are thoroughly thought out and always fitting for their songs visually and melodically.
This is their latest video release.
Enjoy x

Ladytron- Tomorrow


Getting lost in a daze of sounds

Pretty much what Ash had said in the recent Pedestrian Post.
The interview also gives you a bit of an insight of what the collective is all about.

Last night was one of the most exciting gigs, I have been to lately / Siberian nights @ La Campana. The venue is rad anyway and with Fashion Launches Rocket Launches playing in the middle of the club, it was quite a spectacle.
If you haven't seen these guys at various fashion showcases, you should give it a go at their next gig which happens to be next Thursday at club 77. Enjoy x I promise it will be very memorable if you enjoy unique and different musical experiences.

Nature loving

A beautiful campaign shot by Venetia Scott for Margaret Howell SS09
Model: Lovisa Ingman

I really like the colour and the minimal set up of this shoot. The overall vibe is really simple and tranquilly beautiful.
The clothes are highlighted with minimal distractions, it reminds me of Juergen Teller's shots for Marc Jacobs, bare but beautiful.


Leaving is always easier than getting there...

This is a much belated post.
Last weekend I went away to Playground weekender with the Lion kids.
They were playing on Friday night.
We were all super excited until we each got to the ferry, it turned out the ferry broke down and the parking and roads were pure chaos... to make matters worst, it was hell hot (probably somewhere in the 30s) and the band was scheduled to play in exactly 90mins. That was probably the longest 90 minutes we had all endured, I got rescued by Dexter while he is trying desperately to get the massive 4WD with a lot of gear and camping gear across to the campsite. The volunteers were no help and they had no walkie talkies so some performers scheduled before Lions just gave up and got wasted instead (never made it to their set on the other side)

Lions At Your Door

Luckily, we had all made it with the help of some event promoters in just the nick of time.... it was a great show and we all celebrated with loads of drinks and danced to the other bands on the night and bumped into a lot of familiar faces.

Fait Accompli

The Protectors

It was also Mickey's birthday that week, so we were all chilling out.
She was infatuated with making bubbles on Saturday while I was dying under the tree...

Photo by Ary
Happy Birthday Mickey!!

It was so hot on Saturday, it felt like the sun was never going to go down and I couldn't handle the humidity and the proud naked crowds... it just felt way too surreal and I was delirious. I had to leave early and having to give up Crystal Castles and Cold War Kids *sigh*... I think I am not doing any more camping festivals especially in summer.


WOWOWOW who said Statisticians are not cool?

My workmate just returned from Perth and he came across this video.
Words are not really necessary... the stats will simply blow you away in an amusing way and it is also quite scary. 
If you don't like numbers, at least enjoy the animation and the Fat Boy Slim Track =)


Ron English is coming!

Painting by Ron English.
If you haven't seen his work before, you really should, as far as painting goes .... it is simply amazing! He is going to be one of the Keynote speakers @ Semi Permanent - for more info check it out HERE.

Ron English is a graphic artist, I came across his work initially through the Lifelounge zine then saw a documentary about his work on ABC late at night. I love his aesthetic and messages in regards to the state of pop culture, he is really creative with the use of light - it makes sense since he used to study photography.

I came across this interview a few days ago but never had the chance to post about it. Enjoy!
Interview via design is kinky


One hell cool lady

This is one of the best interviews I had come across in ages. Thanks to Jeff Soto for putting it together and again Fecal Face never fails me to get me some amazing pieces to amuse me and get me to know a little bit more about the US art scene. It is just full of dope studios and artists that I have not heard of (or some times just a nice little studio visits with artists that have gone M.I.A for a little while that has slipped away from my subconscious) Marsea Goldberg is the founder and curator of the legendary NEW IMAGE ART gallery.

I haven't yet been to the space YET but I have read lots about it through various mags and of course blogs. I first came across it from Monster Children and later RVCA ANP Quarterly mag. Both really good sources of news for me to unwind to. The Fecal face interview is really dope, it gives you an insight into how Marisa got started, it is more like an accidental career some might say but it just sounds like a natural fit into how things have worked out especially when she first started out in a humble little space. I totally dig her attitude of doing it to support her friends and if it all else fails, it will still be one rad party.

Anyway, to enjoy some nice history of the LA art scene and amazing stories, check out the Interview now!
O as a side not - in the interview Marsea is actually referring to Jack Kerouac's On the Road - Not John Kerouac - that was a typo (just in case you wanted to get that book!)


Those kids you see around town

I have been meaning to see SnobScrilla for ages now. The very first time I saw them was at my friend's store - the Annual Another" Block party where people were rampant, drunk, happy, drunk then Cops would come surprised and Ritchie will try to brush them off but the amount of drunk people on Burton st is just not a easy sell to the police that it is a friendly happy party. Anyway, it was an amazing night as always with those kids, so loose but if it wasn't for my camera I'd probably not have too much of a recollection.

At times I feel like Guy Pierce in Momento and I really should stop drinking but by the time I make that commitment, the weekend is already here and my detoxing phase was somewhat of a mixed success story, I was feeling super heavy but mad anti social (at least my friends would say) then last week when the booze touched my lips I was more delirious than ever!

My friends said they have never seen me like that before and it was amazing. I correct them in the saying, it was the detox that had me my reunion with alcohol all the more spectacular.

Anyway, tonight I stumbled acrossed a tiny URL that had coincidentally led me to the Snobscrilla's new tracks. Aww it is nice to get a little unexpected trip to go down memory lane and looking at some old pixxx. You will probably see the Snobscrilla gang back in town real soon and after listening to the tracks, I definitely don't want to miss anymore shows and just get looooooose with them all !!!


Birthday Party can lead to fuzzy heads

I am back on the party bus, after a seemingly long period of abstinence and detox I feel great physically but I had no idea the potential damage my body was about to face with upcoming parties and events where alcohol is again rampant especially when it is a 21st. It was Jakob and Erin's 21st party on Friday and the theme was body/facepaint.... inspired by the Warhol Factory.

I have not been this loose in ages, my body is slowly adjusting to alcohol again haha
Fun times.

Todd James @ Monster Children

Image by Todd James.

I should have blogged about this a few weeks back but with the severe lack of time and terrible track of time, this has somehow slipped my mind.....so here is the story.
I went to the Opening at Monster Children for Todd James' solo show.
You should go check it out, if you are a fan of 90s Graffiti, Todd is better known as REAS (the interview was conducted by Joe Allen - Monster Children's very own curator) in the graffiti world.

Todd's show was quite refreshing (at least for me), the works had a child like quality on first inspection but once you go deeper in the pieces' details, you will uncover a sense of political satire with some pretty strong references, presumably about the current global state and the influence of the Bush administration. Thus the show is aptly titled "Unnatural Disasters", it is all very humorous really with a serious message of course.

The style of his work is very unique, I haven't come across this minimal brush stroke cartoon style in a long time so it was good to see it again. I can't wait to get to New York to see more galleries with artists that I don't know about!

Todd James's Unnatural Disaster solo show is held at the MONSTER CHILDREN gallery 16th Jan - 19th Feb. For more info - check out the Monster Children website!