A night like no other

It hailed, it poured but the party must go on since the generator and tents are already set up. I went to see the Lion kids at Annandale.

The weather was surely doubtful for a long night but having some thai for dinner made me feel a little more at ease with the gloomy outlook. I was totally stoked for the late night beach party. There were so many kids planning to get loose at this gig... To add a little bit more spice to my life, Sweetie decided to lead me on to go for a slightly more adventurous detour to see some sick humbros with their fast and furious cars but at least we arrived (belated as it may since most people were fashionably late or rather enjoying the Finest late night public transport Sydney had to offer) at the amazing beach set up.

Thanks to everyone who put on the party at such an unlikely time for a beach soiree. Hooray for wet sand and friends!


Cut Off Your Hands

I missed the Cut off your hands album launch gig last Thursday and I was a bit disappointed. They have been one of my favourite acts for ages and I haven't seen them in such a long time, their sound feels like a distant radio airwave in my mind.
However. like all good surprises and fortune, I unexpectedly rock up to the MCK AIRBAR launch for all media and advertising agencies, and WHAM the guys were just chilling by the side. Their show was amazing and I was so excited I had to ask them for a portrait.

If you are keen to see the boys, they will be playing at the Falls Festival close to new years and Laneway Festival early next year!


MJ has never looked so GOOD!

If Imitation is the highest form of flattery, I think MJ might just blush a little on Saturday night. Mitch and Elvira threw a house party to celebrate their birthdays last Saturday. Like any good party there has to have a extraordinary silly theme, this one happened to be Michael Jackson or anything that might be related the the legendary MJ.

Lost Valentinos back in 77

HELL YEAH! New album coming soon. Look out for their new single "BISMARCK" on FBi or JJJ!

Club 77 is such a dodgy club but it is oh so good.
I went to see the boys down when they were sound checking, it was pretty full on.... I had no idea it took so much work to get the sound right based on the set up of a club. It was a pretty amazing process, after a few minor changes with the PA... everything went ahead as planned and the show was amazing and I for once did not miss their show!

After seeing the Lost Valentinos, I went to Nina's farewell at GOOD GOD. I was pretty hazy by then, it was a good ol' fun time from what I can remember from the photos.


Shepard x Obama = street art love

Photo: Supertouch.com
I have always liked the Obey Artwork since I was a grom with a skateboard.

Later I learnt more about the man behind the giant face of Obey, his name is Shepard Fairey and he was also the man getting a load of press action from his contribution to the Obama campaign.
I have been extremely slow with my RSS so if you haven't had the pleasure of reading this interview with Shepard on Obama, you can get it
here. Enjoy!


Sunday I chilled

It has been a super long weekend.
When Sunday came...I decided to have a quiet chilled day.
I started off with checking out some books at Ariel & Berkelouw then went to the ACP to see the Pedro Meyer and Nikon-Walkley Press Photo exhibition.

I had made plans to hang out with the Jezabels in the afternoon, since I haven't seen them in ages.
They were showing me their mock up for their debut EP, the artwork looks great. I am excited to see it to be released.
I took some photos before they played a show at the Annandale that evening.


A Hazy start to my November

It was probably not the wisest idea to be out after Halloween. But it was No Answer on the 1st of November, it felt kind of special to party on the first day of the month..... although it makes no real sense, I still felt compelled enough to go and have another dance.
FYI. No Answer is loads of fun. It has never failed me for a good time yet.
Oh it was also Chloe's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!!!

Yay it is Chloe's birthday!