Diplo x Sydney = Sweaty drunkenness

I was hysterically excited to see Diplo on Friday night

But it felt like an eternity before Boy 8 Bit finished his set

The amount of people that all turned up to the show quickly turned the pit into a pool of sweat. And when the minority of guys decided to go topless that just totally killed the vibe for me and probably grossed most of the daring girls who persisted to stay in the pit out.

The show was good but not as mind blowing as I thought it would be, I imagined the set's intensity would be along the lines of Girltalk or similar to his legendary performance at Brighton up a few years ago. Either way it was good to see Diplo getting his groove on - for more info check out
Diplo's Myspace or go to Parklife Sydney if you got time.


Temper Trap revisited

This is really exciting.

I first spotted these guys from Melbourne via
Pedestrian the DVD zine.... this was so early they didn't even have a proper release yet.

They have certainly come a long way now, the band has grown to 5 members and their indie poise is definitely not lost over time. Their new sound has certainly evolved into an evident Mo town influence with the good old Temper Trap melody strumming instrumentals laced with a sweet set of vocals.

If you haven't heard of them, I'd definitely recommend their show to anyone who appreciates well composed music and a band who can carry it off flawlessly on stage too!
Temper Trap Myspace has all touring dates and other good stuff about them.

Flying Foxes supported Temper Trap on the night.
They played a super tight set, returning to Sydney fresh from their Japan expedition.

A little new band

Then there was fate or maybe Sydney is just tiny?
I first met Alex through
Beau Monde when I first started taking live music photos.
It was just a really good excuse to see new music I thought initially until I kept on running into bands that I liked and the photos didn't turn out too badly either.

So this is how my shots got recognised with a small circle of bands that I enjoyed watching. Coincidentally Alex has moved on from beau monde to
Bird Automatic...

I haven't seen Bird Automatic before, until they played at the Spectrum birthday a few weeks ago. When I went to check them out and I noticed a really interesting dynamic on stage. Their songs are kind of romantic but so innocent too and they certainly have that vibe as a band to play the songs without coming across as zappy or too poppy. The song arrangements and energy is just catchy and good, you can't help but want to dance and have a smile about it.

For a preview of their songs and gig dates - check out Bird Automatic's myspace


Summer is here

Oh yes...the sun is out once again!

Chunga'd out....

Last night...I went to a Kit Kat Party and took a lot of the Chunkies home
To build my own Chunga dome... playing Chunga in real life is a lot harder than it is online.

The new chunky flavour has been on my mind for about a month now.
That is what happens when you see something so frequently, part of the joys of working in advertising.
The website is rad and has some sweet content for chilling out with your mates on the cyberspace before you tackle that looming deadline....you are so keen to avoid.

It is a lot harder to play Chunga with the real Kit Kats (I have tried while getting a few drinks down before the Asian flush hits me) it didn't end to well with Kit Kats falling all over the table, lucky the wrappers were still intact so they are still edible after they hit the floor of Qbar. This sounds pretty discouraging right....? But never fear you can challenge your friends on the website and it is a lot easier (I swear). All you need to do is register and play each other - done so!
Check out the website for more details and give the game a GO.
I strongly recommend the game with your mates over a few drinks, it makes it so much more entertaining.
The chocolate is not bad too. It already has served me as a lunch and dinner =]


I got....

No Answer for what happened on Saturday night.
I am pretty sure that is why the night is so appropriately titled for that very purpose.

Chaos is bliss and how chaotic it was....