3 cities for you

Thursday was a massive night.
Right after work, I had drop by the
Black and Blue Gallery for the Sao Paulo - New York - Japan photo exhibition.

The show was all about the cities on display but it was an interesting twist to the context of the photos. The photos were not all about the famous landmarks or icons per se, you do definitely see bits of it, especially for NY with madison square. However, for Sao Paulo and Japan, it was very much about what is not being shown that makes the photo that much more interesting to me personally.

All prints were large format photos, for the cityscape shots, they worked really really well and Sao Paulo definitely stood out more vividly to me. Since the visual landscape and subject matter was quite unusual to capture, while NY and Tokyo is more popular with most media channels and has received perhaps a bit too much coverage, so I was some what immune to the photographer's vision if you can call it that.

Overall, I was very impressed with the exhibition and I would definitely recommend any photo lover to check it out before it finishes.

They're Back!

The Jezabels has been laying low and are getting back to the stages this month.
They have pretty much blew up since I first met them at the Brag xmas party, Kirsty Brown (Managing Editor of the Brag) named them as one of Brags favourite new bands after watching their xmas party performance.

Since then the band has been supporting loads of bands such as Damn Arms, young&restless, Van She, Ghostwood etc all over and gotten rave reviews from the fans and press.

I am excited to see what is ahead for the band this year.
They have placed loads of faith in me to take their first ever press shots and I am stoked with pretty much all their live shows.

So keep an eye out for their upcoming gig if you have not yet seen the band, they are amazing....seriously!

They will be playing at the come together festival at Luna Park - which should be a weekend of FUN.


WAMP WAMP returns!

I am all out of logic here.
By the end of the night...I somehow ended up at Health club and no kebab.

My Stomach didn't like me very much on Anzac day.


I love my pockets

Denim is undoubtedly one of the best textile materials ever introduced to mankind.
From its inception for tough durable wear to the gold miners leading to the birth of Levi's now fast forward many years later, everyone has a bit of denim in their wardrobe whether you be a balling CEO or a scruffy skater.

Now the good folks at
Monster Children has teamed up with Lee to put on an amazing photography exhibition for everyone to enjoy the awesomeness denim has added to our lives.

If pictures are worth a thousand words and with 32 individually talented photographers.
That is one big number to register on anyone's mind.

So wait no longer.
Drop by the Monster Children gallery as soon as you can before the show ends, it will run alongside fashion week.

x Enjoy.

The show is an amazing collection of different perspectives on denim.

A photo by Andrew Cowen from the 5 Pockets catalogue.

Front cover of the catalogue by
Steven Chee

Thank you to Monster children and Lee for making this show happen.

Hot Fuss

Despite the miserable wetness of the week, I still managed to attend the opening of THISISCURATING1-40 last night at the First Draft Gallery.
It was expectedly packed and naturally steaming inside the gallery like most opening shows I suppose.

My friends Will and Nadia both were involved with this group show, so I really wanted to check it out for myself. Nadia had installed a really strong fragrance at the entry of the space but with the overcrowding.

I think the scent had missed me amongst the sweat infused alcohol crowd = S

Will is an artist who is currently experimenting with illustrations. From what I know of his work, his influences are graffiti (he used to do quite a lot as a kid and still scribbles every now and again) and more fine art as he is continuing to mature in his element. He constantly inspires me when I see his illustrative works.

If you got time, you should go check out the group show, there was a lot of interesting installations with video formats but due to the excess of people trying to move around and waiting for booze I could not possibly enjoy the content wholeheartedly. So I shall make a return sometime...possibly over the weeekend.

This photo really reminds me of Terry Richardson no?

I know some people might think this is pornographic or vogeuristic...but I think it is just art in the mind of the artist being something raw and inspiring like
Larry Clark's book "Tulsa" and his subsequent work in film and photography. It is real and disturbing but I find it really inspiring and thought provoking....seeing work of that nature being published and exhibited. I can't say I felt that connection with this photo but it just screams Terry's style to me.

A girl checking out Will's work.

2 Pieces by Will Pritchett.


Shut up & Dance

Ray from Fait Accompli gave me a call on Friday.
He said they are going on a few shows around town soon
They were hoping to get some new press shots done.
I first met them at the Beach Road ironically.
They really liked my shots so we kept in touch.

Here is a few shots I did for the band as press release.

The band just recruited Killer from
Goons of Doom.

Fait Accompli @ Beach Road

The Die Die Die show was full of sweat and rage (in a positive hung over way)
The performance was tight, it was quite overwhelming for a regular unexpected gig goer to experience such a frontal show experience.

I thought I might have become temporarily deaf as a result of taking photos up close, but it was well worth it.

Die Die Die @ Beach Road


Never end a night at Judgement Bar....seriously don't do it!

It has been another hectic week at work. Things are happening at light speed and deadlines seems more real than ever. The FHM parties have finally been done and dusted, which is ace. It has been a logistic horror of sorts.

I was ready to wind down at about 5 and the guys suggested we should get a few beers at the Gaslight.

The Golden Goats Group show!
@ China Heights

Heights was packed last night.
Just like the good old days - Jameson was sponsoring the show.
The drink queue was way too long to bear.

I really liked this painting - the texture on the piece is also amazing if you look up close.
It is very banksy meets looney tunes.
Simple but nice.

This piece is just fresh. Something so pretty yet juxtaposed with something so ghetto.
The work of graffiti is always a bit funny and inspiring.
The detail on the girl is also really soft and well shaded. mmm another tattoo idea possibly?

This is my friend Kim.
She likes quirky things and we both used to go to 77.
We have both calm down a lot since then.
She is also getting into photography, her boy sometimes shoots for Hobogestapo

No smoking indoors?

I ran into Erin and Pete at the Gaslight after the Heights.
I was looking for them at the Hollywood but they got hungry so they hit up Mad Mex first.
They bought me a beer at the gaslight, before I had to jet off to the East Village rooftop for Josh's party.

The Good, Bad & Ugly party
@ The East VIllage Rooftop

*Happy Birthday Josh!

Click Click revisited
I had a few friends at the Art factory so I told them I was going to swing by.
I ran into a few photogs outside and we were just chilling and mucking around with the cams.

Ger was showing me a few photo tricks with a long shutter.
It is fresh fun when you play with the breaks and clutter in the light.
like such.....

Ger and Ary.

Ary was taking photos for streetparty

My friend Will is going to be showing some of his work at the FirstDraft Gallery next Wednesday.
it is a group show called "THISISCURATING1-40"
curated by Joel Mu.
It should be a good show, come down and check it out.
More details available on the FirstDraft website.

This is an impressive presentation at the Oxford Art Factory gallery.
I didn't see the artist's name but I have seen this style of work before.

* Oh im so excited my awesome friend "kashi" told me the name of the cup artist.
His name is Andy Uprock and this is a small page about his work.
Behind the Blockbuster on riley st.
A huge array of cups are scattered across a huge fence in this particular style.
I love the colours and shapes of the pieces.
Very 80s gaming meets the crop circles.

I can't remember the name of this band, probably because I have been drinking way too much by the time I got inside.
They sounded pretty good though from what I can vaguely recall.

The reminder of the night, I bumped into Trish and Leon.
They were doing a DJ set up at Qbar.
We all went up for another drink
Then Pat came along so we all moved to the Brighton bar for a few more drinks
Until the bouncers kicked us out because they were closing.
Our desperate attempt to get more drinks landed us at the Judgement.
Which was probably a dear mistake on my part on agreeing to go.
So it was a pretty solid 11 hour hour drinking session for me.
As a mild remedy to cure my intoxicated self, Trish suggested I should try a Kebab.
It certainly did the trick for my taste buds last night but this morning when I woke up from Pat's couch.
Walking down the streets without any tinted eye wear was as punishing as the walk of shame through a frat house * only if i was a girl.