The Jezabels

The first time I seen these guys play was last year at the BRAG xmas party. I was shooting for Fasterlouder at the time I think, very sporadically....but I think from memory Fait Accompli was playing and they had invited me to watch them.

The Jezabels were amazing at the
BRAG party, their sound was truly captivating and their performance was blissful yet full of raw energy. I kind of kept on running into the band, when I go out so I got to know them socially. Fast forward to 2008, their manager had approached me to take some press profile shots for the band. I thought the opportunity was great, it was my first real band group shoot.

I found a spot nearby my work and the idea worked pretty well. I was stoked with the whole experience and after that, I just kept on getting more profile opps. = )


A Young & Restless weekend

Ok after Thursday night's smoke extravaganza at the Gaelic club.

I really wanted to see Young & Restless once more but without the smoke this time...seriously it was getting out of control if you had seen the photos from my last post. It was a pretty chilled night when a young band from New Zealand called "Surf City" came on.

I have not seen them before but they were pretty ace. They had a smooth melodic sound to the whole band and it was a tight set. Although it was a Easter weekend and the bar was to be closed @ 10 up at the Filth, Young & Restless was still zealously banging out their sets full blast to the their die hard fans up the front.

It was an awesome show and a sweaty affair. Karina still managed to let out some impressive roars after so many songs and it was just a killer vibe, it was totally a different experience to see Y&R at beach road compare to the Gaelic club.

Hopefully the pictures will give you a sense of what I felt on the night. Enjoy x

Surf City

Young & Restless

A night at Britpop!

It was another night in town.

The Abercrombie is notorious for trashiness and dirty toilets where doors don't lock. It was Britpop night and a good mate from High school by the name of Matty came back to Oz from the UK. It has been 5 years since I last met up with him....my fellow Surry peeps were also there chilling so a few too many beers and bourbon & cokes later - my camera came out and the rest is in pictures.

Have a peek.


The Future is Now!

Oh my it has been such a long week and I am in such poor shape.

Nonetheless I was super psyched to see Young & Restless and my friends who were to share the stage with them.

It was a nice crowd with enough room to dance around freely and tight enough to have a good vibe in the club. Unfortunately the under 18's had to watch the show from above, which left the ground slightly under utilised but still it was an awesome night. The photos you might notice is often filled with smoke. I am not sure who had the idea of letting the smoke run loose but occasionally it'd assist with creating splendid moments in pictures.

Below are a few shots of the bands that I really enjoyed....notably a new band I came across last night by the name of Tic Toc Tokyo whom had their EP launch @ the event. They were a band with a tight sound and the smoke machine definitely went on overdrive while they were playing.

You should keep an eye out for them around town, they should get plenty of attention.

Here are some photos of the night....

Young & Restless

The Jezabels

Lions at your door

Tic Toc Tokyo


A Sunny Saturday

Some people might think I am strange for wearing a coat on a sunny day out to Bondi. It is not just to be fashionable on a hot day, quite the contrary actually. I could rightfully admit that those skincancer tv spots have definitely turned me away from getting a good ol' aussie gold tan, but since i recently invested a bit of cash on my arm with Chris.

Whatever logic I happened to follow, my fellow tattooed friends with nice pieces on would certainly appreciate my means of protection to preserve a fresh piece of art.

It was a sunny saturday in Sydney and The Jezabels got a gig out at Bondi Beach for a Waverley council youth initiative. I thought it was a sweet location and for a good cause, so I brought my camera out to take a few snaps...


A weekend away...with the Jezabels

I have never heard of Playground weekender festival until about a week before I was invited to go. The venue required a mini road trip starting from Glebe to the Wiseman ferry to get to the Del Rio resort which is about an hour and a half drive excluding the ferry ride.

It is probably a longer drive than what most Sydneysiders are used to but it is actually an amazing venue and the people who are willing to make the trip and miss the Future Music Festival should be a good sign for a promising festival. Del Rio is situated along the banks of the majestic Hawkesbury River, surrounded by trees and hills.

The area is abundant in natural wonders and wildlife, including the resort's resident kangaroos and wallabies. I got invited by the Jezabels to travel with them and take a few photos and basically hang out.

It was a rad show, and we got loose after the show and just chilled out.
Here are a few photos to reminiscence over the weekend
ps. they in no particular order*

We were living amongst a village of tents

Lovers under a neon glow

When we get tired...we just follow the light ahead

Here are some candle lights in our tent....look at the mystic glow

It was a very peaceful festival...just look at the post it notes

Madness in the Ro Sham Bo Pit

Ro Sham Bo Djs

The Jezabels chilling after their show

The Jezabels on stage.

The Cassette Kids on stage

Love is just sweet isn't it?

Time for a smoke....